2021 Seminars

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Climbing the marketing data analytics mountain - How close is your company to the top?

17 Nov 2021
Data Analytics, AI & Compliance Theatre

What does the top of the marketing analytics mountain look like to you? Is it a Snowdon or an Everest? And are you a few steps from the summit or still at base camp? More importantly, where are you versus your competitors?

Join Fabio de Bernadi to find out the true answers to these questions, and what you should be doing now in order to reach the top.

Join us to discover:

  • The latest research on marketers’ self-assessment, and the reality.
  • Where you are on the data maturity mountain vs. your industry peers.
  • What businesses can do now to reach the top.
  • More questionable mountain metaphors!


Fabio De Bernardi, VP of Partner Business Development - Adverity

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