2021 Seminars

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Fighting brains with email - The art and science of banishing cognitive bias in your marketing

16 Nov 2021
Marketing Technology Theatre

The human brain does odd things. It is full of corruptions, or cognitive biases, and these little errors we all make on a daily basis are bad for your marketing. They damage your conversion rates, lose you customers and undermine your marketing efforts.

But all is not lost. We can fight back against the brain. In this session you'll learn how to combat these challenges  with your emails and your marketing, you'll learn how to increase conversion rates, engagement and customer loyalty.

You'll leave this session knowing how to

  • Spot when cognitive bias will be a problem for you
  • Fight it with 4 specific strategies
  • Combat it with your emails

You'll discover a whole new toolkit of behavioural psychology that you can use to get better customers and better engagement.

The content we will cover:

  • How cognitive bias happens (some fun examples)
  • What Cognitive bias is and why it happens (the psychology)
  • How to predict bias (the 4 areas)
  • What to do when bias happens and how to combat it 
Kenda Macdonald, CEO - Automation Ninjas

Sponsored by:

Automation Ninjas