2021 Seminars

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Gather now, exploit later.

17 Nov 2021
B2B Marketing Keynote Theatre 2

There’s been a bit of a trend in the past few years – companies have opted to gather as much data as they can, and put off worrying about finding a use for it later.

In this talk, I want to explore whether more data is always really the answer. And there are other questions too: our insatiable appetite to turn the world into something that can be counted can force a gap between what matters and what can be measured.

I want to look at some of the ways that bias has become such a profound modern issue, how it can be amplified, the ways in which it causes genuine harm and what we can do about it. I’ll look carefully at the issue of fairness – how it can be defined and whether it can be achieved. And I’ll build a persuasive picture of why what can and cannot be counted is one of the defining issues of our days.


Hannah Fry, Mathematician and Broadcaster