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Has Apple Killed Email Marketing . . . Or Enhanced it?

17 Nov 2021
Data Analytics, AI & Compliance Theatre

The email channel is highly regarded by both marketers and consumers for the relevance it delivers and the trust it engenders. Trust is born of respect, and this includes consumer privacy. That’s why, despite already having legislation like GDPR, organisations like Apple have introduced Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) to further safeguard their customers – removing the ability to monitor engagement using pixel tracking. Which is well and good, but MPP has also compromised established best practices like list hygiene and recency management. It means marketers need new customer data points, and the technology to harness them. In his presentation, Guy will explore how MPP is impacting marketing, the data & technology marketers need to respond effectively, and practical tips and tricks to apply in the runup to this year’s peak sale season.

Guy Hanson, VP of Customer Engagement - Validity

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