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SocialPubli - People talk to people - The rise of nano and micro influencers

16 Nov 2021
Brand & Social Media Marketing Theatre
The rise of Nano & Micro Influencers. If you're still betting on celebrities, think again! Nano & micro influencers have the true power of influence and can help your brand reach any audience's top of mind. In this new age, people talk to people. Ads are less and less valued, cookies are a problem... and influencer marketing is indeed a great bet to help drive the results of your brand or company. The creators economy is not buzzword, it's a real thing and SocialPubli has the knowledge and experience to make you reach your goals and needs. Whether that's generating traffic to your online store, awareness or sales.
Bruno Salomão, Head of Business & Strategy UK, USA, FR, IT and PT - SocialPubli

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