2021 Seminars

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PANEL - The Future of B2B: Business Customers in a Post-Pandemic Economy

16 Nov 2021
B2B Marketing Keynote Theatre 2

The way we all interact has fundamentally shifted because of coronavirus – from the way and where we work, to the way we play and shop. The impact on how customers browse, purchase and consumer products has changed dramatically too – not just for consumer-facing brands either.

To understand the future of business customers and economic impacts of the pandemic, brands must utilise data, analytics and technology. Only then will they be able to understand this new environment and deliver customers experiences they value in this ‘new normal’. This panel will discuss the latest experiences and insights from B2B, with a specific focus on what businesses can learn to help navigate the continually evolving post-pandemic landscape.

Tim Bond, Director of Insight at the DMA - DMA
Chloe Armstrong, Brand & Communications Manager, Peak Indicators and Member of B2B Council, DMA - Peak Indicators

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