2021 Seminars

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The increasing importance of product data. How should it be managed to increase revenue whilst reducing opex costs

16 Nov 2021
Data Analytics, AI & Compliance Theatre

The ability to leverage customer data in marketing and sales has become increasingly more difficult due to regulations. In 2020 the world saw an accelerated need to further digital transformation. The way we should effectively engage with customers and prospects has and will change. 

This session will cover the reasons why product information management solutions have been adopted more in 2020 and 2021 than any other year.  

  1. Marking a direct impact on revenue
  2. GTM Agility 
  3. Process optimisation and automation
  4. Analytics 
  5. Product contextualisation and tangibility in a digital world
  6. A modern approach to IT, supporting headless commerce
Aaron Machej, Master Data & Product Data Manager - Sales Layer

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