2021 Seminars

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The power of personal profile - how PR can help to attract investment

17 Nov 2021
Marketing Services 1 Theatre

The reputation of the business is a critical component for any company looking to attract investment. But how important is an individual’s profile? Investors buy into people and want to see leaders who can demonstrate confidence and experience, as well as solid growth plans. 

In this session, Nikki Scrivener, co-founder of Fourth Day PR will discuss how business leaders can remain authentic in the public eye and how best to align (or separate) personal values to that of the business — with insights on how our client SamsonVT is using PR to achieve this.

Nikki will be joined by Paul Billingham, co-founder of Knight Corporate Finance, now part of K3 Capital plc. Paul will outline why the CEO can be the most valuable commodity in early investment rounds. He will also discuss when a CEO should start to distance themselves from the business as the business matures and starts to consider an exit. 

3 Key Takeaways: i.e. what are the main things a delegate will learn from your seminar 

  • How an enhanced reputation can be used to attract investors 
  • How business leaders can remain authentic in the public eye  
  • When to align your purpose and values to the business and when to separate them 
Nikki Scrivener, Director & Co-founder - Fourth Day PR
Paul Billingham, Co-founder & Director - Knight Corporate Finance

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