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Welcome to the first-party data era

16 Nov 2021
B2B Marketing Keynote Theatre 1

Adopting a digital-first strategy became a necessity for most businesses back in early 2020. This means, having established digital technologies and practices in place, is no longer as much of a differentiator as it was pre-pandemic. But what you do with the data you generate can be!

Whether you have been fuelling your business with digital data for years, or you have more recently adopted / elevated your use of digital for insight and performance, the landscape is the same… …continuously changing.  

Join us as we explore how to create competitive cut-through in 2022 and beyond by:

  • Clearly defining a sustainable first-party data strategy
  • Ensuring accuracy of the data generated through digital channels
  • Aligning with other data sources to create a single source of truth
  • Providing real-time access to fuel impactful marketing & sales engagement

Use first-party data to drive a first-class brand experience.


Nadja Gram, VP of Marketing - Lead Forensics

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Lead Forensics