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Based on our research, four out of five B2B marketers said they aren’t utilising their automation tech to its fullest potential. With this in mind, it might be time to evaluate your marketing automation maturity!

Whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned pro, focusing on marketing automation maturity helps you close the gaps holding you back and identify new opportunities of where to improve.

By taking a holistic view of your communications workflows from data sources & tech stack integrations, through to multi-channel attribution & analytics, you can remove friction and better identify where resources should be deployed ... allowing your marketing team to focus on more creative business building endeavours. In this session from B2B Marketing, John Pincott from Act-On explains how a focus on marketing automation maturity and help you to identify opportunities in your overall marketing programmes and processes to achieve higher levels of performance.

You will learn how to:

●Assess where your company lands on the marketing automation maturity curve

●Advance along the maturity curve towards higher levels of automation sophistication and processes

●What are some current best practices

●Get better results from your marketing programmes

Learning Outcomes:

Learning Outcome 1 - Understand the marketing automation maturity framework and learn where your company is at.

Learning Outcome 2 - Narrow in on the areas of opportunity and focus that will allow you to move up the marketing automation curve to drive more value.

Learning Outcome 3 - Strategies for prioritising your software buying decisions to give you the best chance of moving forward.