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demand & lead gen

The industry is abuzz with talk of generating more leads and creating more demand, with marketing teams continuously trying to find unique ways to attract people to their business. Then why, according to research, are 61% of marketers saying generating leads is still their biggest challenge?

How can you generate more demand and leads in 2022 that make you stand out from the competition? In this expert topic series, we will explore the practices, techniques, and processes that will transform strangers into visitors and visitors into leads, with expert speakers answering your burning questions.

Chris Dutton - Senior Director of Demand Generation and Marketing Operations at 6Sense


Supercharging Pipeline with AI driven Demand Gen  

A bit about the session:

Chris will walk you through how you can leverage AI to glean insights and create actionable demand generation plays that will supercharge your pipeline. Sales, marketing and ops leaders can expect to walk away from this session with a field tested play you can put into practice tomorrow. 

Key takeaways:

  • Learn why modern demand generation isn’t suited to the way potential buyers engage 

  • Find out how to create more alignment and transparency between sales and marketing 

  • Discover how to structure an experience flow that will build predictable pipeline 

Meet Chris!

Chris Dutton has spent the last year and a half at 6sense where he leads the marketing operations and demand generation team.  He has spent the last 10+ years, focused on sales development, marketing operations, demand generation and reporting and analytics with a strong passion for the “art of the possible”. 

Kate Terry - Head of Demand at Turtl


Choose Your Own Adventure! Building and Scaling Frictionless Demand Gen

A bit about the session:

Demand marketers are at a crossroads: ungate content to improve buyer experience, but risk turning off an important data source for retargeting, nurture, and lead generation.So how can modern marketers build scalable programs that find the balance between predictable lead generation and frictionless demand generation?

In this talk, we will investigate what is working today, plus examples, including value-led gating, choose-your-own-adventure personalization, effective segmentation, and nurture programs that drive a higher quality of lead and a high velocity pipeline.

Key takeaways:

  • Build programs that drive lead quality and quality
  • Remove fric4on from the buyer journey
  • Solve the great gate debate with a value-led strategy
  • Build in choose-your-own-adventure personalization

Meet Kate!

Kate Terry is a global marketer with experience in technology, legal, and consulting industries. With a research background in cognition and psychology, Kate enjoys bringing interdisciplinary insights together to help companies solve challenges. Kate leads the marketing team at Turtl, a content platform grounded in the psychology of reading and the belief that anyone should be able to create, publish, and measure high performance digital content, and speaks on the topics of demand generation, digital marketing, and content strategy.

Sarah Breathnach - Head of Global Demand Generation at Hunters


How to Scale Marketing While Revenue Grows 5x in One Year

A bit about the session:

Joining an early-stage startup is equal parts exciting and challenging. I joined Hunters, an Israeli cybersecurity startup, as the first Demand Generation hire in 2021. Within my first 12-months, Hunters' revenue grew 5x. During this session I'll share the six-step framework we used to scale our inbound marketing during this rapid growth. 

Key takeaways:

  • Why you should always audit 'current state' before making changes 
  • Key areas to focus on as the first demand gen hire at a startup 
  • How to align and focus your leadership team around KPIs 
  • How to build a long term vision but also get quick wins 

Meet Sarah:

Sarah Breathnach works with startups, to build a strong inbound marketing foundation for fast growth. As the Head of Demand Generation at Hunters, Sarah is responsible for Demand Gen & Field Marketing function globally. Prior to Hunters, Sarah started her tech career at Localytics, a Boston, MA start-up acquired by Upland Software in 2019. From there, Sarah was hired to build out the Demand Gen team at Tamr, a data & analytics start-up HQ'd in Cambridge, MA. 

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