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B2B Podcasting Associates Ltd

Podcasts help you win the EXCLUSIVE attention of potential customers and turn them into loyal customers and advocate

Podcasts are the only medium that enables you to talk to EVERY prospect and customer EVERY week - THE MARKETER`S DREAM.

Using Podcasts For B2b Marketing: LinkedIn Analysis:

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions reports that they have had great success with their Sophisticated Marketer`s series of podcasts ,but how much potential is there for marketers to embrace podcasts as a content marketing tactic?

Do you assume that busy and important people don`t make time for podcasts?

A survey by LinkedIn of more than 2700 members worldwide. Not only did they find that over a third of its members listen to podcasts globally, they also discovered that the level of engagement with podcasts increases significantly with seniority.

44% of department heads, VP, Owners and C-Suites who know what a podcast is, make time to listen to them.

Through partnerships we offer the following services:

• Cutting edge training
• Creating & managing podcasts
• Re-purposing content
• Consulting
• Networking
• Business Rebranding
• Social media expertise


Will you be an early adopter and gain the competitive advantage?

3 day Podcast Media Masterclass from our partner to position you to turn potential customers into loyal customers and advocates £2,995+VAT

LIVE 3 days with the Podcast team 

How to create a unique concept, a title that gets ranked No1

15 ways to create great content that people love

Concept, content & positioning round-table Mastermind for your podcast to make it unique and engaging (1 to 1 in the group)

How to repurpose content across multiple social media channels with ONE podcast episode (one episode can quickly be repurposed for 21 media outlets

Deep dive into the 13 ways to monetise your podcast (solo start-up Entrepreneur are achieving £1,000s a month up to 7 figures)

How to choose the right monetisation strategies for you 

How to host, list & syndicate your podcast far & wide on every platform (inc. New ones like Alexa)

How to edit your show & equipment set up demos & walk-throughs 

How to launch & get to No.1 in your category 

How to get great business and influential guests across the globe in your industries and in your target markets for free 

How to merge podcasting into everyday business & convert into your highest revenue-generating area 

Live Q&A sessions 

Case studies if Launch case studies 

Every element you need to create, produce, grow and monetise your podcast

Dinner with the podcast team 

Complete online recordings of course for ongoing learning & 5 bonus hours of content) included as a bonus RRP £1,995+vat

• Khadija Kalifa - Apprentice finalist 2018 and host of `Keep It Real`. Khadija is currently making £15k per month in less than a year with her business
• Catherine Turner - Outsourcing Expert and as host of `The Leveraged Lifestyle`.

About the Course Creator, Rob Moore - Created the course based on his own
Rob gives a Q & A session during the 3 days Masterclass whenever possible.

• Rob has two podcasts `The Disruptive Entrepreneur` and `Money`. These have grown ORGANICALLY to 1 million subscribers in 4 years and continues to grow. He interviews high successfully businessman including some of his Billionaire Mentors.

• Rob has helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs towards achieving the same, including consulting for many established Multi-millionaires.

• Rob is one of the UK`s top influencers (775,000 subscribers & followers on email & social) and is one of a small number of Entrepreneurs who have been given a Facebook Account Manager, one of only 20 worldwide invited by Facebook to Beta test a new product: the Stars programme.

To a half-day podcast Discovery Day are available

Tel: 0044 2080584655

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