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10 & 11 NOVEMBER 2020


Black Coffee Marketing Consultancy

B2B inbound marketing strategies as they should be. Simple. Energising

"Providing B2B marketing professionals the information, inspiration and understanding to allow them to create a real inbound marketing strategy for their organisation."

The B2B world has changed. The people involved, the way we work, the pressures we face.

And B2B marketing has had to evolve as well over the last few years.

Only most B2B companies haven't kept up.

They are either still working like it is the 90's (at best).

Or at worst throwing money around trying to cover up the cracks.

Are you one of the few B2B companies genuinely using inbound marketing to generate leads?

Then kudos.

The rest of you? Why are you waiting? What`s stopping you make the changes you need?

Fear? No idea what inbound marketing is? No idea how to get started?

Tel: 0203 978 4594

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