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Colewood Internet

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An agency is nothing without its people, and Colewood is no exception. We are proud of our dynamic team of staff, Established in 1999, Colewood existed before the first tweet was tweeted, before the first status was liked and when we opened our doors, Google had been a privately held company for only five months. So, if you're looking for an experienced digital marketing agency, choose Colewood Internet. We aim to provide tailored solutions where all aspects of digital marketing work together, characterised by the belief that PPC, SEO, email and so on are interconnected and should be used appropriately and effectively for each business. With experts in every field, you can get meaningful advice about which of our channels your business would benefit from, and subsequently, a reliable service that delivers an honest and responsible digital marketing solution you can trust.


Colewood House
1 Kingfisher Court
Bowesfield Industrial Estate
County Durham
TS18 3EX
United Kingdom
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