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10 & 11 NOVEMBER 2020



Award-winning marketing management software, designed to improve your ROI
Compas, from Golden Orb, is an integrated marketing management system that lets you plan, monitor and evaluate your marketing all in one place. Compas can help you improve the performance of your marketing team by automating analysis and helping you to optimise your marketing spend:-
• Derive sales, product and financial forecasts from the marketing plan
• Full-year Profit and Loss forecast, merging actual and planned figures
• Monitor running events - update forecast based on actual sales
• Calculate ROI of marketing spend and optimise future campaigns
• Model customer lifetime value based on early sales
Compas will be tailored to your precise requirements. Use of familiar metrics and terminology mean that your teams can reap the benefits of using Compas from day one. Most businesses can be up and running in a few weeks.

Tel: 01784 818049

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