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Stand: MTX-L24
GREATER EFFICIENCY OF THE MARKETING BUDGET BY 15% - 30%. Marketing Management system: automates scheduling, approval and reporting processess and saves 40-50% of the team time; integrates budget and results data; increases efficiency of budget by 15-30%. Clients in 12 countries, among others: Starbucks, KFC, Subaru, Philips The system manages all channels and brand activities in one place. Results, budgets and deadlines - always up to date, available and under control. It means lower costs of faults and improved safety in relation to all activities. More efficient media budget by 15%-30% due to decisions based on integrated data. This system integrates the results and costs of activities setting them in legible reports. Acquires data from external systems, agencies and teams, guaranteeing completeness, timeliness and transparency of information. Provides the relevant people with information at the right time, ensuring better budget allocation decisions. Automation and shortening of marketing processes by 40%-50%. The system automates all marketing processes. Eliminates administrative work and repetitive tasks; people are to analyse data and make decisions. Automates the entire work flow, information flow and deadline control. Now you just need one click instead of dozen e-mails ... and half as much time. Irrespective of the fact how complex the process is. 20% lower manufacturing costs due to sharing of materials and creations. All marketing resources: documents, creations and materials are available and shared in a central database in accordance with the authorisations. Finding and reusing them is accurate and fast. It results in the reduction of the agency costs.


Augusta Cieszkowskiego 1/3/60
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