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Flo Panda is the marketers dream. It's been built for any business or marketer to increase ROI through digital lead generation and AI. It's a platform that allows rapid business growth by identifying website issues instantly. This CRO tool has been able to build a company worth £600 million. So, we built Flo Panda because we wanted a tool that could perform all the functions of the other CRO and analytics tools on the market, but we wanted to combine them into one very easy to use platform. We are Hotjar, Crazy Egg, VWO, Google Analytics - combined. We wanted a tool that would: - Notify you exactly when something`s wrong, so you can log in straight away and identify the page that`s contributing to the worst conversion rate. - A tool in which we could then click on one button and see all the issues that were causing the problems - such as; where people are dropping off the forms, where people are experiencing frustrations on the page and where there`re errors occurring on the pages that prevent them from opting in. The features of Flo Panda: - Account Dashboard: Instant website conversion rate and lowest converting pages. - Website Issues: For pin-pointing your conversion loss - Website Recordings: Watch how people view your site - Heatmaps: Spot user patterns for conversion opportunities - Form Drop Offs: Visual outlooks of exactly where visitors drop off your forms - UTM Tags: Outperform your competitors on every Facebook and AdWords campaign - Funnels: See where people drop off your sales and lead funnels - Conversion Rate Notifications: Email and SMS notifications, the second your website conversion rate drops View our videos to find out more here: https://vimeo.com/user107225100 Flo Panda was built by marketers, for marketers and here`s what it can do for you: 1. It gets straight to the point of the website issues that are costing your business money. 2. It takes real-time data from your Facebook and PPC advertising campaigns and gives you the ability to bid on the keywords and phrases that ONLY produce sales. 3. With the help of Flo Panda, you can automatically stop bidding on up to 80% of your AdWords phrases, potentially more. 4. A business using Flo Panda upped their conversion rate by 51% 5. Flo Panda was able to produce 15% more leads JUST from the visitors who drop off forms to begin with, through downloading their partial data and retargeting them without spending an extra penny on marketing campaigns. 6. We created Flo Panda whilst generating upwards of 4.1 million leads over an 18-month period, resulting in building a £600 million business. Get your FREE account now: https://www.flopanda.com/


14 Edward Court
Altrincham Business Park
WA14 5GL
United Kingdom
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