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LPC Advisors

LPC Advisors is an online publisher with multiple tech-focused publications under its umbrella that cater to a global first part audience of 14.5 million B2B professionals. We diversify the entire composite business acceleration service model by implementing unique tech solutions to the legacy lead and demand generation services. We have a distinct Intent study and content personalization model that revolves around using navigational, transactional and informational intelligence to gauge the rightful intent of the audience. Our tech publications boast of multi-faceted streams. We have -

MarTechCube - solely dedicated and catering to Marketing Technology

HRTechCube - online publication catering to the HRTech arena

FinTecBuzz - covering all the latest trends and information of the Fintech market

Ai-TechPark - One stop shop for all the news and happenings related to IT and Tech with a prime focus on AI-based proceedings around the world

We augment our audience to drive campaigns across the B2B buying journey that covers - Intent Based Content Amplification, Account Based Lead Generation, Editorial Engagements, Webinar/Event Promotions, BANT/GPCT Campaigns. LPC Advisors is headquarters in California with operations centers in UK, Singapore, Dubai and India and a global workforce of 180+ employees.


Office No. 001, Pentagon P2
Maggarpatta City
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