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10 & 11 NOVEMBER 2020



Our analytics services across Data Science, Data Strategy & Data Engineering allow us to help organisations uncover insights from their past, take action to drive performance in the present and use data science to anticipate the future, building competitive advantage.

We do that by helping you to find the analytics strategy that works best for your business, building the robust data platform to support that and using it to create actionable Business Intelligence and Machine Learning to fuel business decisions.

We believe that each organisation is unique, rich with data at every level, and therefore needing bespoke analytical solutions to maximise its opportunities.
We know that good people and processes are critical, supported by the right analytics & technologies. Combining these to allow effective decision making is central to our approach, as is an unwavering focus on results.

Our services include:
- PRISM (Analytics Maturity Bench-marking)
- Lead Scoring
- Content Effectiveness
- Forecasting & Econometrics
- Decision Support Frameworks
- Data Integration & Automation
- Sentiment Analysis
- and many more

Trusted by Allergan, Wilmington, Lloyds Pharmacy, Elsevier, Canon, HSBC, John Lewis, Emirates, London Stock Exchange Group, Canon, Viacom and more.

Tel: 0044 345 838 1136

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