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Prospect Connect

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An integrated sales and digital marketing agency for businesses across industry, in the UK and internationally. We deliver a proven sales solution from data profiling/enhancement, digital lead generation, telemarketing, appointment setting, telephone sales to customer services and MI. Prospect Connect give confidence to business leaders that they can achieve their sales ambitions through a proven, perfect blend of sales and marketing, connecting you with the right people who fit your ideal customer profile. Our support services are driven by talented people with amazing energy and over 3 decades of successful industry-wide campaign insight to allow us to optimise our sales approach from the very start.   We live by the philosophy that people buy from people and having meaningful business conversations with real energy to really understand your prospects and their business is how you discover and create quality business opportunities and long lasting relationships. People always expect us to be good what we do but it`s WHY we do what we do that makes the real difference when introducing your products and services. We bring businesses to life through this philosophy and it`s what sets our clients apart in a competitive business environment. The hardest part of any sales process is identifying a motivated prospect and building a meaningful relationship with them. This is where we excel and why Prospect Connect are trusted by business leaders across industry to complement their sales objectives. With an established specialist team who have worked with us from 2-18 years, who love what we do and do what we love, we bring your business and it`s value proposition to life, implementing proven processes and techniques to help your business achieve its sales ambitions. We preserve and let the positive energy people create flow, sharing individuality and personality which attracts like-minded people and brings your business personality to life. It`s the real connection and rapport that`s built between people that transforms an initial interest to a real opportunity and creates long-lasting business relationships and friendships. It`s what creates that unique, stand out, wow factor in a competitive business environment. It`s the integration of free flowing, well researched and meaningful conversations and powerful digital marketing combined with data insight from our extensive history of successful campaigns, that creates our winning formula. Positive energy, sales through service and intelligent, quality engagement and data is at the heart of the success we create for businesses across industry.


Europa House
Crewe Business Park
United Kingdom
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