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Smart marketing campaigns are built on data - Red Flag Alert`s data ensures your campaigns get started with the right foundations. Red Flag Alert greatly enhances sales and marketing performance by providing the most detailed and up-to-date B2B dataset available. Our software helps businesses build laser-focused marketing lists, equips sales teams with key information and ensures businesses use data to maximise marketing ROI. There are over six million businesses in the UK, and dozens of data points on each business. With 100,000 changes every day, keeping track of data is a monumental challenge. At Red Flag Alert we focus on aggregating the most up-to-date business information and presenting it in a way that helps you build and deliver effective marketing campaigns. How We Help • Find the best prospects by searching our extensive database of UK businesses. • Be specific about which businesses you target; over 40 searchable fields, 6.5 million businesses and 142 indicators of financial health will help you drill down into the best leads. • Have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips; every month over one million changes are recorded in our database. From new businesses to changes in financial circumstances and growth, this is a world of new opportunity. • Search by location, sector, turnover, size, financial health and many other fields. • Prepare for sales meetings more efficiently by drilling down into information on your prospect and tailor your sales pitch accordingly. • Make sure your prospects have the right credit profile to use your product or service, so they don`t fall foul of your credit control team. • Develop a detailed client profile based on our Red Flag Alert business intelligence and then search for businesses which meet that profile. • Make your account-based sales more efficient; get alerts to your inbox of any changes with your clients so you can sell them new products and services effectively. • Don`t waste time updating records; instead our API will automatically update every record on your CRM system with detailed information. • 2.6 million+ telephone records, the UK`s largest with TPS/ CTPS weekly screening. Visit us on stand 642 for a free data health check.


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