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Senuto lets you plan, monitor, and optimize marketing activities in Google. Senuto is an SEO analytics platform and know-how consultancy. Get more data and easily improve your search engine ranking through data-driven content marketing. Use machine-learning algorithms to rank higher! 1. Monitor your positions in SERP Track your positions in Search Engine Result Pages for chosen keywords every day. How is your situation in Google compared to yesterday or two days ago? Keep an eye on ranking fluctuations and, if necessary, be ready to take action! 2. Keep track of your competitors in Google After you run the analysis of your own domain, take a better look at the competitive websites. The more you know about their actions, the better conclusions you can draw for yourself! 3. Attract more visitors to your website Content based on the topical authority concept increases the amount of organic search traffic coming to your website. Use our machine-learning algorithms and get an extensive plan of semantically related articles, along with titles, headings and keywords. 4. Get your content interlinked properly A proper internal linking strategy will squeeze the full potential out of each article published on your website. Get a decent internal linking map, along with source URLs, anchor texts and links, and climb to the top of Google search results! Any of those concepts sound appealing to you? Drop by our booth and let`s chat about what we can do to boost your organic traffic!


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