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Stand: B2B-E54

Hey, my name is Sam Oates. I started sostudiouk in 2018 because I couldn’t stand the thought of doing a job that I didn’t feel fulfilled in. I knew that I needed to quit my secure full time job and start something meaningful.

At the beginning there were so many different paths that I could have taken but all of them led to telling stories and making videos.

Now, sostudiouk focuses on providing businesses with valuable tools to solve real problems.

People invest in people. Many businesses fail to connect and engage with their clients, in a ‘language’ they understand. In an instant, low attention span society, it is becoming even harder to reach people and really connect with them. We solve this problem by exploring what makes them tick and then design solutions that target it directly.

We work with businesses, charities and other brand organisations to solve some of their biggest problems using videos. How can we help you?


401 Ansty Road
West Midlands
United Kingdom
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