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The Chat Shop

Stand: B2B-Q12

The Chat Shop - We're taking conversation up a level. 

We are the leading premium full-service conversational agency. We're here to help you engage web visitors, uncover their needs and turn visitors into qualified leads all through the power of conversation.

Make conversation a key part of your marketing mix

Insightful content can be significant in driving web traffic. The challenge lies in generating qualified leads out of that traffic. And with limited data capture - lead generation forms don't always do the trick. 

Conversations achieve a more personalised approach, uncovering needs and building trust from the start. 

Our Conversational Marketing solution delivers a hybrid of human warmth + AI efficiency allowing you to deliver more engaging conversations with your prospects at scale. We have supported the rapid growth of some of the biggest and best brands worldwide.

Lead Generation 

We’ve perfected the art of lead generation by learning how to craft conversations that engage prospective customers.

Engaging human conversations
Our skilled native-English speaking agents are trained to offer attentive, genuinely helpful support that will delight customers, generate more qualified leads and drive sales.

Game-changing AI Chatbot support
Our cutting-edge AI Chatbot solution has been developed using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) and works seamlessly alongside human chat.  

ROI-focused model
‍Our delivery model focuses on driving incrementally higher returns on investment. We continuously look for ways to improve our engagement strategy, knowledge, and conversation flow to drive a substantial uplift in performance and profitability.

Swift, seamless CRM platform integration
With seamless platform integration, you’ll have highly qualified leads delivered straight to your CRM - so your sales team can focus on moving prospects through the sales funnel.

Come and visit us for a chat on stand: B2B-Q12


The Varnish Works,
3 Bravingtons Walk
N1 9AJ
United Kingdom
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