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10 & 11 NOVEMBER 2020


total surf limited

SEO and web development companies are not all created equal. totalsurf are a different beast entirely.

Web design and SEO are both complex and time-consuming skills, and neither should be a 'secondary' responsibility. We`re experts in both.

We believe that creating a winning website boils down to some vital core elements:

It takes the knowledge of technical SEO experts to spot errors that would be invisible to most. Your site may be `Google friendly` but that doesn`t mean it is coded properly or optimised.

You need to know the true value of each potential organic search. Our deep keyword research solution gives you the valuable keywords and their related searches. You`ll get the data and metrics of each search, and we help identify the searches that are going to be helped by powerful content.

Your website content needs to match and answer the questions people are searching for. You need to have copy, but not just an over-explanation of what you do. Professional copy doesn`t overwhelm your customers; it connects with your audience and improves your entire Google footprint, all while promoting you for valuable, targeted keywords.

We observe the effects of our work, keeping track of daily Google algorithm changes and updates. We consult with our clients regularly to keep them in the loop of their site`s progress.

So why should you pay us a visit at the B2B Marketing Expo?

• We offer all websites a FREE SEO audit.
• We work with other web design agencies too.
• We`re experienced in just about any CMS, not just WordPress.
• We can code in almost any language, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.
• We can design and develop any website, from small portfolio sites through to large e-commerce stores.
• We offer professional in-house copywriting services, specialising in blogs, case studies and whitepapers.
• We are totally transparent with our SEO solutions. We will never recommend one that is more than your site needs, nor will we recommend one which won`t be as effective.

Tel: 0044 1183 801 789

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