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Generating leads and implementing your marketing campaign is all well and good, but if you never measure to see how well it’s doing and where you can improve, then what’s the point?

With so many different promotional channels, it can be hard to keep track and monitor how each one is doing, and for your long-term strategy you need to know what is working, what to reinforce, and what to just ditch. Collecting endless data is a waste of time if you don’t have the resources or time to make use of them, so in this expert topic session, our speakers will share insights, techniques, and tools to effectively measure and improve your B2B Marketing strategy.

Saima Rashid - SVP Revenue Analytics at 6sense


From Data to Action: B2B Measurement for the Real World

A bit about the session:

Interested in effectively measuring the success of your B2B marketing programs across the entire cycle? Join Saima Rashid, 6sense’s SVP of Revenue Analytics, to learn how!

Regardless of where your organisation is in its account-based measurement journey, Saima will walk you through the account-based metrics that matter to prove the value of your programs. And then she’ll show you how you can use them in your day-to-day

Key takeaways

  • Learn what the top “real world” metrics to measure are
  • Discover the five metrics-related tasks you should start doing immediately
  • Find out how to take those metrics from data to insights to action

Meet Saima!

Saima Rashid is a 5-time award-winning analytics and revenue operations leader with 17 years of experience building and leading analytics teams across a variety of industries. A hallmark of Saima’s career has been her ability to leverage performance insights to align marketing, sales, and customer success; and drive tangible results, including exponential year-over-year revenue growth and efficiency. Most recently, Saima won Forrester’s Program of the Year for the strategy and implementation of an AI driven engine that combined predictive account intelligence with internal resource optimization to drive millions in incremental pipeline.

The Speakers!

Ian Gibbs - Founder of Data Stories Consulting


Bonfire of the Vanity Metrics: What Intelligent Measurement Means for Intelligent Marketing

A bit about the session:

Siloed media planning leads to siloed media measurement. As a result, the full picture of marketing effectiveness is distorted, misattributed, or unacknowledged. This leaves marketers with the challenging task of justifying marketing spend with one hand tied behind their backs. The board room becomes sceptical and CMOs face increasing amounts of pressure to justify a focus on anything other than the most immediate of short term returns. 

Join us for a session in which we unpick how successfully B2B marketers are measuring marketing impact, and what best practice campaign measurement means for marketing effectiveness. 

Key takeaways:

  • Discover insights from the DMA Intelligent Databank - built on the results of over 1,000 campaigns - covering the key trends in marketing effectiveness. 

  • What does the Intelligent Marketing Databank reveal about how successfully B2B marketers measure and articulate marketing effectiveness? 

  • Brand vs response, short term vs long term, retention vs acquisition: what are the key drivers of campaign success? 

Meet Ian!

With over eighteen years of experience in media and advertising measurement, taking stints at Kantar and the Guardian (as Head of Commercial Insight for nearly a decade), Ian Gibbs acts as an independent data consultant through his business Data Stories and is the chief architect of the DMA's Intelligent Marketing Databank - an advertising effectiveness database of over a thousand campaigns. He divides his time between JICMAIL as Director of Data Leadership and Learning, and a diverse range of clients including NBC Universal, Freewheel and Twinings Ovaltine whom he runs measurement projects, and trains teams on how to harness the power of effective measurement frameworks.

Ben Samuel - VP Sales, Nielsen Marketing Effectiveness - EMEA at Nielsen


“Good enough” really isn’t good enough….Top 5 mistakes to avoid in Measurement

About the session:

Marketing measurement is not getting any easier……we all know that. More channels, more complexity, changing buyer behaviour but just because it’s tricky doesn’t mean we should accept “good enough”. There are some mistakes we see marketers make again and again, despite the costly implications for the effectiveness and success of their marketing. We will run through a few of these key mistakes to help make sure that you don’t become one of “those marketers”.

Key takeaways:

  • Avoid key mistakes in measuring marketing effectiveness
  • Ensure your measurement is set up for excellence and success
  • Arm yourself with data and insights to prove to other stakeholders what “good enough” costs your business

Meet Ben!

Ben Samuel, VP Sales at Nielsen Marketing Effectiveness, has over 20 years experience in media and measurement. He currently leads a team of talented experts for Nielsen’s Marketing Effectiveness business in EMEA with a wealth of experience working with the advertisers, publishers and platforms. Prior to joining Nielsen, Ben spent his time in various leadership roles at PHD Global and at ad technology vendors including Google and Innovid.