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10 & 11 NOVEMBER 2020


How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Way We Market


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is turning the marketing world upside down. Digital marketers now have access to a vast amount of information which they can take from accessible, advanced data analytics tools. This data provides marketers with an in-depth analysis into their target consumers, which they can use to create content specifically targeted to their chosen audience.

Marketers can now create a more personalised marketing process from start to finish using AI, as it gives them the power to engage with their consumers at every focal point of the process. AI will also help ease the process of categorising customers into certain groups, which will allow marketers to create custom-fit content for each.

In terms of content, AI helps marketers track what consumers respond to the most, meaning websites can be designed with each individual user in mind. This type of conversion will only increase, the more the digital world evolves, and customers will be able to enjoy an experience which is most beneficial to them.

It’s not just all about the finer details, AI will help marketers to focus on the bigger picture as it will allow marketing teams to make solutions for problems before they arise. The application of AI reduces the amount of time marketers will spend going through data manually in order to formulate the base for their strategy. Now marketers have more free house in the day to collect the results from their data and apply it to their new strategy.

Creative marketers will now have the chance to progress further in their careers, instead of those marketers who showcase a natural talent for working with data. However, marketers can’t just let AI do all the work, as they will still need to check AI is collecting the relevant data they need to work with… so don’t get lazy!  

AI has already changed the face of marketing and potentially for the better. With a little help from AI, marketers will be able to come up with tailored and unique marketing campaigns targeted towards a broader selection of categorised consumers.

And that ladies and gentlemen is how to get the most out of AI!


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