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10 & 11 NOVEMBER 2020


Discussing the future of the B2B Marketing Expo, with Laura San Segundo, Group Marketing Director.

Q - PRYSM Group hold many shows across the year. With that, they’re all very sector specific, so what can visitors expect to be presented with?

A - Visitors can expect to step in to a highly concentrated hub of innovation, which has been specifically designed to satisfy their exact needs and requirements as efficiently as possible.

We know first hand that marketing is an immensely competitive and often time consuming industry, so in streamlining the layout of the shows by sector, we ensure that the valuable time our visitors spend away from their businesses is spent wisely, with no need for endless exhibitor hunting!

In this case, marketers will find the 600 suppliers who provide exactly what they’re looking for, all in one targeted area. However, if they want to expand their knowledge into sales or customer experience, there are another 400 perfect exhibitors just meters away.

This is why we hold the shows side-by-side, but categorised individually.


Q - Alongside this, some of the shows are very specific to key areas such as technology. Why was it decided to structure the shows in this way, rather than consolidating all areas together for one show?

A - Once we categorised the shows by sector, we recognised that the next step towards a perfect customer experience was to sub-categorise them by theme.

A general marketing show would be a maze of complex innovations and solutions with an unclear purpose. However, a show dedicated specifically to b2b, and categorised by the various technologies and strategies that are driving business growth, provides an easy, streamlined and fulfilling show experience.

In our opinion, this is how an event should be run.


Q - What can visitors expect to experience at the B2B Marketing Expo which you believe makes the show stand out?

A - This event was created to fill the significant gap in the market for an innovative marketing show which focuses on business growth, and the direction in which the industry will take in the future.

As a result, the B2B Marketing Expo is the only place for marketers to find world exclusive launches of the latest innovations and products, before the rest of the industry, and at one-off show prices!

Not only this, but our sheer size makes it impossible for us not to stand out! The B2B Marketing Expo alone will host over 500 seminars, and we haven’t sacrificed quality for quantity, as we will be welcoming top level representatives from the likes of Linkedin, Google, Chiefmartec.com and Amazon to name but a few.

We are also the only event organiser offering a smart exhibiting service. This team make sure that all of our exhibitors are showcasing their products as efficiently and immersively as possible, which is something that our visitors to the B2B Marketing Expo will most definitely notice as soon as they enter the show.

Everything we do as an organiser ensures that our events stand head and shoulders above our competitors.


Q - How do you ensure you’re always featuring and promoting the latest from the world of marketing at the show?

A - Our Event Directors work tirelessly alongside our research and marketing teams, to invite the companies who are making waves at the forefront of the industry to exhibit with us.

We are extremely proud of the level of industry knowledge that our individual teams commit themselves to absorbing; whether it’s through social media, print media or our extensive network of connections, there is no innovation from the world of b2b marketing that we don’t pursue.

We also offer our exhibitors the opportunity to feature in our annual innovation awards which are hosted at the event. Finalists consist of only  the very latest and most innovative products, services and solutions, which provides our visitors with an invaluable and unparallelled insight into the future of the industry.


Q - What does the future hold for the B2B Marketing Expo?

A - The future of the B2B Marketing Expo lies directly alongside the future of the marketing industry!

As technology continues to initiate massive business growth and take the b2b and martech sectors by storm, we will be right there to provide all of the whos, whats and hows, for those looking to take their strategy to the next level!


We are taking the show to America in the very near future, and will continue to grow year on year, so that the industry can too.