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20 Nov 2023

The 36% Conversion Surge: Unveiling the Impact of Brand Redesign

The 36% Conversion Surge: Unveiling the Impact of Brand Redesign

A staggering 94% of first impressions hinge on design, with users forming their judgment in a mere 0.05 seconds and deciding whether to stay or leave. When the website falls behind the company’s potential, even the most innovative products and services won’t win you potential customers.

That was the case for our client, Consafe Logistics, a well-established Swedish software development company specializing in warehouse management automation and efficient shipment coordination. Despite its ongoing expansion, it became evident that the website required a significant update. A complete brand overhaul transformed its old-fashioned look to meet today's high customer standards, attract new leads to close more deals, and position Consafe Logistics as the number one supply chain technology partner in Europe.

Explore the remarkable results of a HubSpot website redesign that granted our client a competitive advantage online, leading to significant growth in conversion rate (and more!) only six months after going live!

Making the outside match the inside

Consafe Logistics had almost everything to build a sales-boosting website. With edge-cutting technology, a wealth of enthusiasm, and a drive for change, all it needed was a team of experienced design and development specialists to bring their vision to life. The previous CMS offered limited customization options and relied heavily on third-party plugins to deliver even basic design features. To enhance the website’s functionality and ensure a smooth platform transition, we migrated the website to HubSpot, which Consafe Logistics already used for its marketing operations. 

Our tried-and-true design and development process allowed us to create a polished and professional on-brand website. A consistent color scheme unified the website, reinforcing the brand identity. With design items like logos, icons, and colors, as well as the sitemap and written content already provided by our client, we had more time to perfect the visual and UX aspects of the site.

During implementation, we applied HubSpot CMS-specific features to add custom elements, like an interactive map, user-friendly forms, and seamless Teamtailor API integration for automated job applications.

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New website design, 60% more contacts

The tailored HubSpot CMS Hub theme supports seven languages, which was impossible before migration due to previous CMS limitations. Categorized resource filtering and pagination improved the website’s structure, making the navigation simple and user-friendly. With flexible modules and fields, our client can seamlessly add and modify new blocks and manage the website without relying on developers.

Six months into implementation, the project has brought the following results:

  • an increase in new contacts (by 400 contacts) by 60%

  • a boost in customers converted via the website by 36% for all sources, 

  • growth in customers converted via the website by 31% for direct and organic sources. 

In addition, session-to-contact conversion for all sources experienced a remarkable 76% boost and session-to-contact conversion for paid search skyrocketed by an impressive 415%. Moreover, mobile device optimization improved session-to-contact conversion by 13% and contact-to-customer conversion by 20%.

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Awarded by experts, rewarded by clients

After the successful website migration, Consafe Logistics now has a contemporary website that speaks innovation, efficiency, growth, and customer-centricity—everything our customer stands for. Moreover, our achievement was recognized by HubSpot and awarded a winning place in the Platform Migration Excellence category in HubSpot’s semi-annual 2023 Impact Awards, attesting to the exceptional quality of our work. 

The impressive performance upgrade and the prestigious award prove that good design truly makes a difference. When you let the experts handle your website, it can work some magic for your business. If you want to rev up your sales potential, our team is ready to lend a hand. Get in touch, and let’s turn your website into a powerhouse that will drive your business ahead in this ever-changing digital world.

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