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25 Oct 2022

How £4.5billion asset manager TIME Investments is connecting with the customers of the future

How £4.5billion asset manager TIME Investments is connecting with the customers of the future

The Founder and Managing Director of TIME Investments, Nigel Ashfield, was aware that the company needed to move away from manual processes. He knew that the roadmap for their transformation needed to include a delivery strategy, new technology, and a lot of cross-departmental collaboration. The process would be more than just a software update; TIME knew they needed to change the way they worked as well.

First, they defined their goals. Desired business outcomes included optimising customer and partner operations and streamlining front-office operations. The goal here was to promote more impactful and personalised relationships with business partners and customers, meeting another rising demand of the digital-first era.[2] To deliver on these goals, TIME Investments turned to us here at redk to help them build a data strategy that could collect and centralise all data related to client relationships.

‘The expertise of redk as a business has helped them to get the best out of us and to drive a successful project and transformation’ – Faye Williams, Internal Sales Director

‘We wanted to bring our customer-facing teams closer together through the use of technology and automate several processes that were previously run through manual overrides – and in that way, support our internal teams to help them deliver best-in-class service to the market.’ – Nigel Ashfield, Founder, and MD

With such a broad portfolio of products and constituents, TIME Investments needed a coherent data strategy. The biggest challenge? They didn’t have a clear understanding of what it meant to implement CRM, or how it would help deliver their goals. Their transformation needed to go beyond the basic features of Salesforce software.

At redk, our job was to fully grasp the reality of the business, its operational model, and its stakeholders. After an extensive discovery process, we co-created a CRM model with three Salesforce solutions designed to transform areas such as sales, account management, marketing, and customer service to create the digital capabilities needed to engage customers more successfully. Our project was delivered on time and within budget.

Now, TIME Investments uses Salesforce for B2B marketing, Salesforce Sales Cloud, and Salesforce Service Cloud, giving the entire team full access to streamlined customer relationship information.

Transformation is all about creating the digital capabilities required to adapt to the demands of the modern, connected customer. Our team here at redk is ready to help your company be prepared for the new challenges of today’s digitally mature world - Get in touch today.

Read the full case study here: TIME Investments - redk


[1], [2]: Salesforce, ‘State of the Connected Customer’, Fifth Edition

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