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10 & 11 NOVEMBER 2020


Effective Influencer Marketing

The fascination of large followings, high engagement rates and vast exposure has led almost every global brand to consider influencer marketing. And most of them now have a budget allocated to influencer marketing.

Despite this, we are still in a relatively new industry and most people don’t knows the essential things you need to know, when carrying out these campaigns. Although, it is the fastest growing customer acquisition method, not every influencer with a large following is effective. There is a major difference when it comes to influencers having a ‘large following’ and influencers having a ‘large following that is likely to be influenced’.

In fact, most influencers with big followings are not effective. Why? Because many are involved in fake influencer activity and have not grown their following authentically. This consists of the automation of social media engagement, the purchasing of fake followers and more. In a survey we conducted involving 200 influencers. 63% of them ADMITTED to purchasing followers, likes or swapping comments with each other. Due to this, brands need to be very aware of the influencers they are working with – They could be throwing their money out the window.

How to find Influencers that are Effective!

In another study we found that 3% of influencers (whom are Chromo-Influencers) are over 4x more effective than the other 97% of influencers. These influencers have high followings that are genuinely engaged with the influencer. And this is because they rate highly against 46 data points that contribute to influence.

Influence isn’t defined by having a large following. It’s defined by their ability to communicate, relate to and positively impact the audience they’ve organically grown.

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