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28 Jul 2023

The Big Marketing Survey - Insights and trends report

The Big Marketing Survey - Insights and trends report

Marketing is an ever-evolving landscape, constantly adapting to new trends and technologies. To understand the current state of marketing strategies and preferences, a comprehensive survey was conducted among both B2B and B2C marketers.

This blog will shed light on the survey results, highlighting the top-performing channels, supplier selection criteria, areas of interest for marketers, future objectives, preferred sales tools, marketing technologies to invest in, and the significance of ESG objectives in decision-making processes.

Top Performing Channels for B2B Marketers:

When it comes to B2B marketing, LinkedIn (47%) and Email (45%) reign supreme. 

LinkedIn's professional network provides a fertile ground for reaching and engaging with business professionals, while Email remains a highly effective communication tool in the B2B world. The survey also indicates that Facebook and Webinars are vital channels, securing 35% and 33% of the respondents' support.

Top Marketing Channels for B2C Marketers:

In contrast, the B2C marketing landscape shows a different set of preferred channels.

TikTok (36%) emerges as a powerful platform, with users leveraging its potential to engage younger audiences.

Google Ads follow closely with 35% of the respondents' votes, emphasising the importance of search engine visibility. Facebook (31%) and Twitter (29%) also continue to hold their ground as essential channels for B2C marketers.

Top Reasons for Choosing a Supplier:

When it comes to supplier selection, price, innovation, and reputation are the primary driving factors.

Price is the leading consideration, influencing 43% of the respondents' choices, while innovation (41%) and reputation (39%) closely follow. This highlights the significance of not only cost-effectiveness but also the ability to stay ahead in a competitive market and maintain a positive brand image.

Top Areas of Interest for Marketers to Learn About:

Staying updated on the latest marketing trends and best practices is crucial for marketers. The survey reveals that 41% of respondents are keen on optimising email marketing, indicating the continued relevance of this communication channel. Digital marketing follows closely with 40% interest, while 35% of marketers are focused on improving sales and marketing alignment to ensure coherent strategies and improved business outcomes.

Top 3 Future Objectives Among Marketers:

Looking ahead, marketers have set their sights on specific objectives to drive their businesses forward.

Building brand awareness and targeting new customers is the top priority for 43% of respondents, underlining the enduring value of a strong brand presence. Securing 41% of the votes, growing market share ranks high on marketers' agendas, followed by a focus on increasing sales, garnering 37% of responses.

Top Sales Tools:

Sales tools play a vital role in empowering sales teams and streamlining operations. According to the survey, HubSpot takes the lead with 36% of respondents favoring this comprehensive CRM platform. Salesforce closely follows, securing 31% of the votes, while Pipedrive, a popular sales pipeline management tool, captures 30% of marketers' support.

Top Marketing Technologies to Invest in Next:

As marketing technology continues to advance, businesses are exploring innovative tools to stay competitive.

Automated content creation holds the top spot, with 26% of respondents looking to invest in this time-saving technology. Content marketing platforms rank second, with 20% of marketers aiming to enhance their content strategies. The significance of community and review tech is evident, capturing 17% of the respondents' interest, emphasising the importance of customer feedback and engagement.

Top Reasons for Attending Live Events:

Live events remain a valuable avenue for marketers to connect with their target audience and industry peers. The survey indicates that 54% of respondents attend live events to research the latest products and innovations. Networking opportunities closely trail with 53%, providing marketers with the chance to establish meaningful connections. Additionally, 48% of marketers attend live events to meet new suppliers, fostering valuable business partnerships.

The Significance of ESG Objectives in Decision Making:

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations have gained prominence in recent years as businesses prioritize sustainability and ethical practices. The survey shows that an overwhelming 91% of respondents acknowledge the importance of ESG objectives in their decision-making processes. This growing awareness reflects a shift towards more responsible and socially conscious business practices.

Conclusion: The marketing survey has provided invaluable insights into the preferences and priorities of both B2B and B2C marketers. As the marketing landscape continues to evolve, these findings serve as a compass, guiding businesses to make informed decisions, invest in the right technologies, and align their strategies with customer expectations.

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