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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


15 Ways To Acquire FREE Users For Your Mobile App

Acquiring users to your app through paid app install campaigns (also referred to as Paid User Acquisition) works effectively if done correctly.  Many app developers, publishers and marketers rely heavily on this method to get their app noticed. However, paid app acquisitions cost with every single install. 

In addition to Paid User Acquisition techniques you should leverage unpaid/free/organic channels to acquire un-paid users and installs. Here are some of the top ways to acquire free users for your mobile app.

1. App Store Optimization (ASO): 

Typically involves optimising the app Title and Description for target keywords. Other elements that are taken into consideration and determines the apps ranking include no. of app installs and positive reviews and ratings.

2. Getting Your App Featured: 

The most uphill and dream task for any app developer, publisher or marketer is to get their app featured or recommended by editors as this can bring fast and steady flow of free app downloads. However a lot depends on how your app meets the quality standards desired by app store editors, media coverage, user reviews and 'stickiness' of users.

3. Reviews and Ratings: 

Users are more likely to download your app if they see good ratings and positive reviews. Infact, there are some apps that have scored 100’s of 1000’s of app downloads purely by tricking users asking to give a 5 star rating and write a positive review before users could use any feature of the app. Not that we advocate this strategy, but this just shows the power of positive reviews and ratings.

4. A Microsite for Your App: 

A small website focused entirely on your app is essential to showcase your app to web users. You should not miss any touchpoint where your users are likely to be and could lead to seamless downloads and increased conversions.

5. Extend Your Microsite with a Blog:

Add A Feature Rich Blog: Extend your microsite with a blog and start writing content around your app and the interests of users. This will increase engagement, virality, game improvements, and overall data on your active users. The more relevant content you write, the more searches there will be for customers to find your app through search engines.

6. Search Entine Optimization (SEO):

Optimization of your app microsite and blog is essential to rank their pages for your target keywords among web users who might be interested in your app. 

7. Liaise with Bloggers:

There are highly likely to be a number of bloggers writing content around your app category. You should engage with these bloggers/content writers and liaise with them to write a review post for your app and how it benefits users. This will lead to increased virality and awareness.

8. Referral Marketing:

Get your users to refer your app to others i return for incentives. ‘Share and get incentives’. A classic example of this is Taxi aggregator UBER, they did amazingly well by offering free rides to both users who invite their friends as well as those who download UBER app through a referral code. UBER continues to rely heavily on referral marketing even today.

9. Youtube Videos: 

Once a video is created there is no associated cost to upload/post to your channel. To make a Youtube video for your app, you can simply film yourself or others discussing your app, or giving a walkthroughs/guides/tips etc for users to watch.

There are 4.9 billion videos watched on Youtube every single day. So, this is an excellent channel to market your app in. Any user’s acquired organically through your youtube videos will be entirely free of charge.

10. Press Coverage

There are many technology blogs and review websites that need content for their sites. Additionally, many major newspapers have sections for technology. Any articles that you can get written about your app from any of these sources can potentially expose your blogs to hundreds, thousands, or even more people who might have an interest in your app.

To get these sites and newspapers to write about your app, you can reach out to them and inform them that you have a new app and why it may be of interest to their readers. The more you do this, the more blogs, websites, and newspapers that you might be able to get to write about your app and start creating a buzz around it and lead to acquiring free users and increased virality.

11. Creating a Facebook Group for Your App: 

This involves logging onto Facebook and making a group that is centered around your app. Users can connect with each other and stay updated on your app through this group.

12. Applying for Awards that give your App Recognition and Publicity:

Winning any type of award for apps is a great way to help your app get noticed.

13. Build a Teaser Website for your App: 

This just means creating a basic 1 - 2 page website that provides information about your app. It is just another way for people to discover your app.

14. Tweet About Your App: 

Twitter can be effectively used to create small updates about your app. This can help keep it relevant in your followers’ minds. The more followers you can generate, the more useful this will be.

15. Freemyapps.com: 

This is a website where you can advertise your apps. Users are paid in gift cards to try out various apps. Yours can be one of them!

… and a number of others.

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