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22 Mar 2021

Tackling the shift in the B2B marketing landscape with Precision Demand Marketing

Tackling the shift in the B2B marketing landscape with Precision Demand Marketing

There is no doubt that the last 12 months has accelerated an exciting but somewhat daunting shift in the B2B marketing landscape. This shift has changed how we and our target accounts  operate, and is forcing many businesses to rethink their go-to-market strategies, the way they organise themselves internally, and the tools and technology they leverage.  

Today, we operate in a remote, digital-only environment that has only compounded the complexity of the B2B buying process . With progressively high expectations, and low purchasing confidence, our buyers today research covertly and make buying decision by committee, based on multiple interactions across channels. They are reaching partial decision-consensus with a group of diverse stakeholders well before they ever reach out or interact with our Sales teams. Whilst our buyers have always called the shots, consumer expectations are driving the need for a better buying experience; a desire for us to engage with them in their channel of choice, at the right moment in time.  


So, what do B2B marketers do now?  

Today’s buyer-driven world demands marketing play a bigger, more complete role. An approach that is focused on the buyer - with connected, aligned and personalised experiences. As marketers, we need to ensure our efforts are connected across the channels buyers rely on, enabling identification of known and unknown buyers and accounts, and activating engagement when we know which accounts or buyers show intent signals.  

This new era in Marketing requires moving beyond our old marketing or sales-led approaches to a new buyer-driven, buyer-focused approach, which B2B marketers are talking about  as precision demand marketing - the next step, and the new way forward to speed lead conversions and drive predictable revenue at scale.   

Easier said than done, right? Precision demand marketing requires a number of foundational pillars in place, a connected MarTech ecosystem, and collaborative relationship with Marketing Operations at the heart of it all.  


How can we tackle this and meet buyer’s where they’re at?

Join me on 13th of April to discuss how marketing professionals can implement a precision demand marketing framework and implement a buyer-centric strategy. You will walk away with a better understanding of what internal process and strategy changes are required to prioritize the buyer and activate upon the channels and messages that matter most to them.

For me, I believe we are finally reaching the point of  realisation that it has never been about how many, or indeed which, martech vendors we use, but the way in which we deploy and leverage those vendors to connect to our buyers that determines success. As we emerge out of the pandemic and into this new era with buyer’s needs and habits shifting, 2021 is the perfect time to determine what’s the right strategy for your business and the markets you serve. 


Catch Chris on 13th of April 2021, 2.00pm (BST) at our webinar on Precision Demand Marketing.

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