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01 Apr 2021

Top 8 B2B Lead Generation Tips for Growth Your Business

Throughout the last few decades, advancing technology has been increasing customers’ expectations for the quality of services and customer experience. B2B lead generation is basically converting the target audience into customers through creating meaningful interactions and building good relationships with them. The concept of one-size-fits-all does not always work in creating an effective strategy for B2B lead generation. 

Most businesses are looking for the most efficient way to grab the attention of their target audience and convert them into potential customers to grow their sales and revenue. It is challenging for many businesses to gain customers and ensure customer retention. Intelligent strategies are needed to grow your business by generating more leads and driving sales.

Here we list the top 8 B2B lead generation strategies helping you get more successful results in B2B lead generation.

Create target-driven content

Content is considered the currency of the digital world. If you want to generate more leads, you need to publish informative, high-quality, and target-driven content regularly. Today, content marketing helps businesses generate more leads than other traditional marketing strategies do. 

Cleaning up old content must be an essential part of your content creation routine. Inaccurate or irrelevant information may result in losing customers since it does not address the needs of your audience. 

You can also offer some further information in exchange for personal information such as e-mail addresses to use this data for other marketing strategies. 

Promote your content on social media

Nowadays,  the power of social media is unquestionable. So, businesses should use social media platforms to promote their products or content by optimizing customer interactions on social media. It is an excellent way to attract more customers and build communities through digital channels.

You can also get help from influencers who are individuals with a huge influence over the decisions of your target audience. It will provide you with an opportunity to increase brand value and gain credibility. 

Deliver fast customer assistance 

After figuring out where your customers need assistance, you can make use of live chat as a customer engagement tool. Responding instantly to the questions helps you increase your B2B lead generation by communicating with your customers at the right time. 

Most of the customers prefer live chat since it provides an immediate answer and promotes them to make fast decisions on buying your products or services. CRM solutions can also support your customer relations. 

Automate your e-mail marketing 

Automation is a new trend in e-mail marketing to gain customers. It helps you cut out the manual workload of sending customized e-mails. It generates efficient results in enlarging your customer base. 

Moreover, creating customer retention campaigns helps you gain trust and convince your customers to buy from you again. Sending re-engagement e-mails is a great opportunity for remarketing that brings higher conversion rates.

E-mail marketing is definitely a fruitful branch of outreach strategies. Here is where you connect with your potential customers and while automating the e-mails, you need to keep the personal touches to create an emotional bond. Your lead will be a human being with all the emotions and needs. Make sure that you consider these qualities.

Record the actions of visitors 

If you want to start converting your website visitors into your customers, recording their actions is an excellent strategy to understand what they are looking for and why they are not converting. 

Some marketing tools allow you to record user movements and most-clicked sections on your website. Figuring out the top-performing services and less-used buttons provides you an idea about what your target audience needs and also expects from your business.

Observe your competitors 

Competitive marketplace hosts several businesses offering similar services or products to yours. Therefore, monitoring others is crucial to generate more leads for your business. 

If you keep an eye on your competitors, you can gain an insight into what works to get higher rankings. In this way, you can discover in what ways you can outperform them through strategies with best practices. 

Use Google Ads to drive sales effectively

We don't need to question the impact of Google in business life. Moreover, we better learn more about how to make use of it to grow our business through online advertising courses

Getting support from Google Ads must be a part of your marketing strategy to drive sales. It helps you drive traffic to your landing page or any relevant page designed to attract visitors to your website.

First, you can make keyword research including comprehensive, relevant, and branded keywords. You can build attractive and creative ads for people who receive e-mails from your competitors. It is a great opportunity to create customized e-mail content enabling you to make offers that they cannot refuse. 

It is a good idea to create a negative keyword list including irrelevant keywords to your product or service. Relevant keywords on Google ads direct your prospects to your site while negative keywords tell Google not to show your ad to anyone who is not interested in your service. 

Register and attend B2B Marketing Expo

B2B Marketing Expo is Europe’s leading marketing event occurring annually to research the market, discover the latest marketing innovations, and learn about trends for a better lead generation. 

You can register any time before the event and take a place in the B2B marketing community. Its team also offers online events to stay connected with participants regardless of their location. 

B2B Marketing Expo provides you a chance to enhance your marketing strategies based on the developments of the ever-evolving marketing world. The event involves seminars with expert speakers and interactive masterclasses regarding the latest solutions and strategies in the digital marketing world. 


Profitability is possible when you reach out to the right customers who are interested in your services or products. Therefore, generating leads is not as simple as it seems since it requires various marketing strategies. 

In this article, we summarize the top 8 B2B lead generation tips for you to drive sales and revenue. B2B lead generation is an essential part of business growth since it allows you to convert your website visitors into customers by following the right strategies. 

Learning about how to deliver highly relevant leads and get high-quality traffic to your site will definitely maximize your return of investment and bring sustainable outcomes to increase your brand value.


Author: Gizem Tas

Writer, editor, and translator. Experienced in blogging for marketing, translation, localization, and foreign languages with a degree focused in English Language and Literature from Boğaziçi University.

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