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06 Dec 2023

Unlock the power of Instagram for B2B marketing success

Unlock the power of Instagram for B2B marketing success

In the dynamic realm of B2B marketing, where strategies are constantly evolving, Instagram often takes a back seat. Many B2B marketers remain sceptical, viewing it as a platform primarily for personal photo and video sharing. However, dismissing Instagram too hastily might mean overlooking a powerful channel to connect with your target audience.

Is Instagram a fit for your B2B business?

Deciding whether Instagram is right for your B2B marketing strategy involves evaluating various factors:

1. Target audience: B2B decision-makers and influencers are becoming younger, with a significant proportion being digital natives comfortable with technology. If your audience frequents Instagram, it’s a prime opportunity to meet them where they are.

2. Visual appeal: Instagram is all about images and videos. Assess whether your B2B products or services can be showcased effectively in a visual way.

3. Competitor presence: Explore what your competitors are doing on Instagram. If they are active, it offers insights into the platform's viability within your industry.

4. Channel integration: Consider how Instagram can complement your existing social media, email, and content marketing efforts. Integration can be seamless since Instagram ads operate on the same platform with the same UI as Facebook.

5. Resource availability: Assess your team’s resources – managing another platform might be a challenge if you already find yourself stretched thinly with LinkedIn, X, Facebook, and others.

While Instagram may not be suitable for every B2B marketer, it can be a valuable addition if your target audience is active on the platform and your content aligns with its visual nature.

Why embrace Instagram for B2B?

1. It’s where your customers are: With approximately 27% of the world's 5.27 billion active mobile phone users accessing Instagram, the platform boasts over 1 billion active monthly users. More than 50% of consumers follow brands on Instagram, making it the second most popular network for businesses.

2. Showcase your company culture: Instagram provides an ideal platform to share your company culture, offering followers a glimpse into your work environment and team-building activities. This humanises your brand, making it more relatable and assisting recruitment efforts.

3. Brand awareness through ads: Instagram ads are a powerful tool for generating brand awareness. Marketers can leverage eye-catching content to tap into new audiences, with ad campaigns generating recall twice as high as Nielsen standards for online advertising.

4. Drive traffic to your website: Use Instagram to direct traffic to your website by strategically placing links in your profile and posts. Instagram ads targeting prospects increase the likelihood of them clicking on your ad and visiting your site.

5. Generate leads: Instagram is a versatile platform for lead generation, incorporating CTAs in bios, photos, and videos, as well as leveraging hashtags and influencer partnerships. Contests and giveaways also present opportunities to generate leads.

6. Visual content throughout the buying process: Short-form video, Reels, and live-streaming on Instagram support every stage of the B2B buyer's journey. Visual content helps to convey complex B2B value propositions in a way that resonates and sticks.

7. Mobile-first accessibility: Instagram is predominantly accessed via mobile, allowing your audience to consume content anytime, anywhere – at home, work, or on the go.

8. Global reach: Instagram's global presence makes it an invaluable platform for B2B companies looking to expand their international footprint.

Unlock Instagram's potential for B2B success

In conclusion, Instagram holds untapped potential for B2B marketers willing to explore its capabilities. To start the journey of mastering Instagram for B2B marketing success, why not read Oban International’s comprehensive guide – which includes strategies to engage your target audience, tips for driving traffic to your website and generating leads, and actionable steps to get started on Instagram today. Visit here to download your free copy.

Oban International is a digital marketing agency which specialises in international growth. What makes us different is our network of Local In-Market Experts (known as LIMEs). With over 450 experts in over 80 countries, our LIMEs provide digital, linguistic, and cultural insights to guide client campaigns. Get in touch to find out how Oban can accelerate your brand’s international growth.

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