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10 & 11 NOVEMBER 2020


Sergei Golubev: Speaking at the B2B Marketing Expo

Sergei Golubev

Designer & Entrepreneur  -  The School of UX

Fake It Before You Make It: Prototype, Test, Fail Fast

You’re spending huge budgets on new product design, it takes ages to complete, and by the time your project goes live it’s not necessarily a success you were hoping for? Sadly, quite a few digital transformation programs end up with what I call “same thing as before, just in a different colour” – where actually nothing substantial is done in terms of improving customer experience, and instead it was more of a playing around with new technologies and… money drain *sigh*.

Having a gut feeling when making decisions is not bad (most businesses are a gamble!), but does it always work 100%? We’ve all been there when you’re redesigning your company website: your CEO wants to have that “Buy now” button bigger and brighter, your marketing team wants to have more photos with people, and your designers are convincing you to… well, do none of this. No need to have all these arguments when you can ‘A/B test’ all these assumptions and go ahead with the best performing one using facts rather than gut feel.

There’s more efficient “fail fast” approach where your business with the help of marketing and designers can quickly validate your ideas by creating interactive prototypes and user testing these way before you have a heart attack when you shell out on a hefty invoice from your software development team, and then there’s “game over” moment.

In this talk I share practical tips on how so called ‘Lean UX’ approach can save time and money in product design and development. And guess what – you don’t need to be technical or write a single line of code! Plus, all this can be completed in just under a week and won’t cost an arm and leg. Boom! It’s hard to believe, right? Well, if you join this talk, you’ll find out how that’s possible.

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