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Andy Lampard

Andy Lampard

Owner, B2B Podcaster Associates
Andy is the founder of The Mental Wealth Business Ltd and B2B Podcaster Associates. Andy quickly recognised the power of podcasting to grow his own businesses globally, with its potential to reach new audiences and markets. Andy is a prolific networker and a member of a number of entrepreneur communities Andy's values personal development, mindset development and the essential requirement to have mentors. His current mentor is a multi-millionaire. He also has access to other highly successful mentors either directly, or indirectly. Mentoring maximises the leverage of experience, support and wisdom to quickly grow and scale up his businesses, led by a social media strategy. Having discovered that LinkedIn Analysts argue that podcasts are underused in B2B marketing he sees that B2B Podcaster Associates can form a significant role growing a community. B2B Podcaster Associates bring together and support podcasters to increase the influence this media with B2B marketers.