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10 & 11 NOVEMBER 2020


Mark Mills: Speaking at the B2B Marketing Expo

Mark Mills

Technology & Platforms Director  -  Argus

Lead Generation & ABM – The MQL is dead. Long live the MQA.

What's more important in B2B? Understanding what an individual is engaging with, or understanding what a whole business is engaging with?
Of course the answer is the latter, after all businesses purchase as teams, not individuals. Yet for some reason, the majority of demand generation marketers are still fixated on qualifying individual leads.
Mark Mills believes it's time that changed, and in this session will discuss the benefits of shifting to an MQA strategy and the tools, techniques and tactics needed to get there.

3 Key Takeaways:

- Why marketers need to shift from MQLs to MQAs
- The tools, techniques and tactics needed to implement an MQA strategy
- Understanding intent data, and how it can improve results across marketing and sales

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