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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


Matthew Cauldwell: Speaking at the B2B Marketing Expo

Matthew Cauldwell

Senior Consultant  -  Saville Assessment

Using personality to predict sales performance

In this session we will be sharing the output of a study we conducted to understand which workplace behaviors are most predictive of success in salespeople. Saville Assessment, in partnership with Fujitsu, looked at the performance of over 200 salespeople across EMEIA and North America. We found some things we were expecting to see and some surprises which could be used to transform how salespeople are recruited and developed within sales organizations.

3 Key Takeaways:

- We will share how a global IT services company is using personality data to shape how they manage their salespeople.
- We will share the most effective ways to recruit salespeople at different levels.
- We will share an evidence-based approach to identifying who has the most potential to succeed in a sales role.

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