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10 & 11 NOVEMBER 2020


Nick Farrar: Speaking at the B2B Marketing Expo

Nick Farrar

Founder and Director  -  Workbrands

Visual Voyage: Why design matters on the path to purchase

Most B2B businesses work to an established lead generation process. But is it effectively navigating customers to you? Or are you losing them somewhere along the journey?

These days, 60% of a potential customer’s decision is already made before they decide to speak to you. Their path to purchase is long and complex, but there is a secret to keeping them on it – all the way to your door.

So prepare to set sail on a Visual Voyage as Nick Farrar, director of Workbrands, discusses the power of visual content in multiple formats across each stage of your business development cycle.

Will you be you on board?

3 Key Takeaways:

- What ‘visual content’ really means
- The most effective content for each stage of the purchasing cycle
- How to get started straight away with some quick wins

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