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Stefano Marrone

Stefano Marrone

Managing Director, Nucco
After graduating from NABA Milan, Vancouver Film School and Goldsmith's University, Stefano currently run''s the corporate content creation studio Nucco Brain in London, which is part of the Unit9 group. Nucco Brain produces VR, AR, animation, illustration, visual development and motion graphics, creating high-quality cross-media content for brands and agencies alike, usually within the B2B space. In his spare time, Stefano is an equity partner in iStarter, working with high-performing startups from continental Europe who want to expand in the UK and global market. He collaborates as Head of Services for the storytelling hub Book on a Tree, working with publishers worldwide with the best authors of stories for children and young adults. Stefano also mentors start-ups about marketing and branding for Google Launchpad, where he is the Lead Marketing Mentor and occasionally acts as a Keynote Speaker.