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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


B2B Keynote Theatre 1: Sponsored By VanillaSoft

    • Wednesday

      Marianne Bunton: Speaking in the B2B Keynote Theatre 1

      11.00 - 11.30

      Marianne Bunton

      The Secrets to Localizing Global Campaigns at Scale: Faking it till you make it

      Despites the globalization of everything, consumers have come to expect more relevant and targeted messaging than ever before – this creates a challenge for marketers launching campaigns simultaneously in markets around the world. Translation alone doesn’t cut it and cultural missteps, amplified across social media, have caused immense harm to some big-name brands in the past year. In this session, Marianne Bunton, Director of Enterprise Product Marketing at Shutterstock, addresses the challenges of creating authentics localized campaign at scale. Actionable takeaways include how to scale content across multiple countries, case studies on brands who are nailing localization, and a checklist of factors to consider when localizing your campaign. 3 Key Takeaways: Marianne will share 3 pillars of localization that we’ve learned at Shutterstock that have helped us scale our global campaigns: - Words - Images - Values

      Kirsty Dawe: Speaking in the B2B Keynote Theatre 1

      12.20 - 12.50

      Kirsty Dawe

      Relevance rules – supercharging your connection with your audience from the first communication

      As B2B marketers we all understand the power of personalisation and with 88% of us saying our clients expect a personalised experience how big is the gap between expectation and reality? Personalisation is eutopia but maximising the relevance of our campaigns today can build a powerful bridge between generic and true one to one, after all what can we truly “personalise” in B2B at scale before we know our customer well? In this session we’ll go back to basics on the power of making every touchpoint as relevant as possible from the first communication, driving the right prospects into the funnel more effectively by showing them you understand who they are. We’ll cover data and building insight, segmentation, using personas and creating relevance across channels as part of an integrated campaign, before moving into the tools and technology you can use to supercharge your journey to personalisation. 3 Key Takeaways: - Data, building insight & Segmentation - Using personas and creating relevance across channels as part of an integrated campaign - Tools and technology you can use to supercharge your journey to personalisation

      Dipak Vadera: Speaking in the B2B Keynote Theatre 1

      13.40 - 14.10

      Dipak Vadera

      Making B2B Prospecting Great Again!

      In B2B, buying has changed yet most companies are still hung up on 'old school' sales practices that no longer make the cut in this day and age. This seminar will reveal how you can identify real business leads using only your website data and how to then find, connect with, understand, and nurture sales prospects using social media. Come along to learn how to take your sales game to the next level!

      Darryl Praill: Speaking in the B2B Keynote Theatre 1

      14.20 - 14.50

      Darryl Praill

      Social Selling on LinkedIn - What Your Mother Didn't Tell You

      When it comes to social selling, a lot of the talk out there revolves around leveraging LinkedIn. It's a logical fit - business-centric, and lots of professional conversations going on. However, a lot of people are making a lot of mistakes on LinkedIn, and it is impacting their success. Join Darryl Praill, CMO at VanillaSoft, as he explains how he determines which people he responds to when he gets pitched on LinkedIn, and which ones he completely ignores.