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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


B2B Keynote Theatre 2: Sponsored by Adzooma

    • Wednesday

      Eimear Hughes: Speaking in the B2B Keynote Theatre 2

      11.00 - 11.30

      Eimear Hughes

      Connecting Conversations

      Twitter's purpose is to serve the public conversation, connecting businesses with the most valuable audience, when they are most receptive. Conversations happening within B2B on Twitter are key to driving progressive change between industry and companies globally. Using recent research and best practice case studies, we we will show how brands and individual leaders are connecting in real time, and how Twitters targeting solutions allow global brands to connect with business decision makers for tangible results. Twitter will share insight into the conversational and product trends in B2B for 2020, allowing companies to connect with their valued customers on our service, putting them at the heart of product and industry trends across the platform.

      Dr Dave Chaffey: Speaking in the B2B Keynote Theatre 2

      11.40 - 12.10

      Dr Dave Chaffey
      Smart Insights

      What's New in B2B Marketing?

      Learn about the latest digital marketing tools and techniques to give you and your business an edge in 2020 and beyond. Digital marketing strategist and author of Digital Marketing Excellence, Dr Dave Chaffey will present tools, techniques and research conducted with the B2B Marketing Expo to benchmark marketing effectiveness.

      Sophie Sarin: Speaking in the B2B Keynote Theatre 2

      12.20 - 12.50

      Sophie Sarin
      Microsoft Advertising

      Marketing for everyone.

      As the world continues to become more diverse, inclusion is more critical to every brand and organization across the globe. Over 1 billion people have disabilities around the world, with many not being visible to the human eye. If a true representation of ALL people are included at the beginning of any project or idea, how different would this world look? What new industries, new art, and world-changing inventions would individuals and communities dream up, that could transform lives and living conditions? Sophie Sarin, Account Director, Microsoft Advertsing will share our view on how to shift gears to include everyone's varying thoughts and opinions in your business and life and how to make diversity and inclusion real for your business.

      Peter Watson: Speaking in the B2B Keynote Theatre 2

      13.00 - 13.30

      Peter Watson

      Innovative Digital Marketing in 2020

      It's often said that in business, you need to be leaders and not followers. In this fast-paced session, Peter will discuss how the best Marketers move fast, push boundaries, all in the pursuit of the next innovation within the marketing world. Today, businesses need to be not only on the cutting edge of innovation but the bleeding edge. In this talk, Peter will discuss the trends that are working and how you can implement them into your business. Peter will look at data, innovation, being creative and will make sure that you leave armed with innovative ideas. 5 Key Takeaways: - Learn innovative techniques that are working in a leading agency - Understand the complexities and methods used to make your marketing campaigns a success - Simplified ways to get started, and how to scale to make your marketing results explode - Understand the marketing KPIs you should really be focusing on - One secret tip that we predicted would fail, that actually worked!

      Nigel Bridges: Speaking in the B2B Keynote Theatre 2

      13.40 - 14.10

      Nigel Bridges

      The Good, the Bad, and the Simply Fraudulent!

      Does the world of digital marketing and advertising sometimes feels like the Wild West? Who can you trust? Are they who or what they say they are? Do they tell the truth? Nigel Bridges discusses the need for greater honesty and transparency in online advertising. He shares his forthright views on the real impact and cost of fraud and bots, a reliance on inaccurate metrics, and the growing lack of trust that ensues. Learn to recognise the pitfalls and base your future marketing spending on actionable data insights that you can trust.

      Suvish Viswanathan: Speaking in the B2B Keynote Theatre 2

      14.20 - 14.50

      Suvish Viswanathan
      ZOHO Corporation

      Marketing tech that scales

      The marketing technology landscape is evolving fast, with thousands of tools supporting daily marketing operations. How do you evaluate the right set of marketing tools that will scale with your business needs? What are the necessary orchestration flows to consider? Will they ensure a seamless flow of data between teams? How can marketing automation be designed around privacy at its core? Find answers to several such questions that will help you build a scale-free MarTech stack for your business.The key take away will be: Take away points : - Growing in a marketing tech ecosystem and the challenges associated with it - Designing the stack with privacy and employee experience at the core - Choosing the right stack as the team and strategy evolves