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  • 10 tips to revolutionise your CX

    18 Nov 2020 Charlie Shaw, Simon Lang - Gold-Vision
    The topic of Customer Experience (or CX) is dominating right now with people expecting great experiences from every interaction they have with a company.
  • 16 best practices from 16 years in marketing

    19 Nov 2020 Ben Beeching, MEGA International
    Things I've learned from marketing IT and software that can be applied to all industries. 
  • The world of B2B software buying is changing. At G2, we're seeing traffic and category surges across the board in this new digital space. Learn about our research, operationalizing intent data, maximi ...
  • 3 things that ACTUALLY matter right now in search marketing

    18 Nov 2020 Chris Pitt, Vertical Leap
    In this presentation, SEO Specialist and Managing Director Chris Pitt addresses three of main areas marketers should be focusing on to get through the next 6-12 months
  • 7 Steps to Creating the Perfect Explainer Video

    18 Nov 2020 Martin Ray-Jones, Eden Videos Whiteboard Animation
    Thanks to Dropbox, Dollar Shave Club, and many others, explainer videos are increasingly becoming a marketing necessity. 
  • A Marketers Guide: Trust, Consent and Personalization in the Modern Privacy Era

    19 Nov 2020 Zachary Faruque, OneTrust Preference Choice
    With so many recent and upcoming privacy regulations, marketers need to rethink how they interact with users. 
  • A new way to sell using video

    19 Nov 2020 Dan Gable, ShoutOut
    Traditionally videos are expensive and time consuming but what if you could create a video automatically, in seconds, using just smartphone? 
  • Accelerating the Sales Cycle with the DocuSign Agreement Cloud

    19 Nov 2020 Andrea Wilson, Greg Adams - DocuSign
    This session will show how you can eliminate your paper-based outdated agreement methods for an integrated streamlined agreement process that will minimise your time and errors, and deliver a better e ...