Why Exhibit?

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Why Exhibit?



Thousands of targeted and progressive marketing professionals will flood into London’s ExCeL, eager to equip themselves with the tech and strategies that will transform them into the marketing leaders of tomorrow.

This makes the B2B Marketing Expo the perfect place to showcase your revolutionary products and services, and build long-lasting business relationships with the most concentrated and highly relevant audience imaginable!

We provide you with a platform of unparalleled opportunities to present your brand and express why it should be talked about at the forefront of the industry. Register your interest to ensure that you are part of the conversation!

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Showcase your products, inspire customer solutions, and give your company a competitive edge. Capitalise on the industry's unprecedented growth and get your product in front of thousands of decision makers!



We have a range of sponsorship and promotional opportunities that will maximise your brand awareness and elevate your profile to front and centre in the minds of senior professionals and relevant decision makers. 



There are numerous extra opportunities, all designed to offer you maximum brand exposure from show sponsorship through to VIP Lounges & Cafes, Masterclasses, display branding and advertising opportunities. 

Lead Generation

Receive the guidance and tools needed to boost your profile before, during, and after the event so you will be more visible in your market and more likely to achieve your goals.


Choose from a range of sponsorship opportunities designed to maximise brand awareness and elevate your profile with professionals and decision makers.

Thought Leadership

Be celebrated as forward-thinking and shape the resource and waste community by presenting your insights and innovations that will drive competitive efficiencies across the industry.

Brand Awareness

Be recognised and cement your business’ place and prominence within the industry to steal ground from your competitors.

Pipeline Generation

Generate high quality leads amongst our senior decision making audience, to feed your sales team with new opportunities, whilst meeting your marketing KPIs.

Deliver an ROI

In 2019, 82% saw value in exhibiting and re-booked on-site, as 87% of our 2019 visitors come to the show with the intention of meeting new suppliers.

Who you can meet

Meet marketing professionals that cover:

  • Market Research
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing and Sales
  • Branding
  • Lead Generation
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO and Website Management
  • Advertising
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Measuring and Analytics
  • Integrated Strategies
  • CRM Marketing
  • Customer Insight Marketing
  • Clever Print
  • Direct Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • Demand Generation
  • Mobile Marketing
  • PR
  • Return on Marketing Investment
  • Telemarketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Professional Development

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Enquire About Exhibiting

We have a range of exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities aimed at getting your brand face-to-face with potential clients and generating leads to grow your business!

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Digital Opportunities

We have a selection of opportunities for today’s digital age that will elevate your profile through thought leadership activities, from dedicated webinars to digital event summits.

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  • I think it’s vital for marketers to know about this expo, and come to this expo, because all this great technology is sitting here, and you can walk around and get a sense of direction on where B2B Marketing is heading… and find out what the coolest, newest thing is.
    Jason Miller, Head of Content & Social Media Marketing
  • There’s a lot of forward thinking people here, you have speakers from Microsoft, IBM; take notes from them- because every-thing here will help you, your business, your organisation to grow!
    Bal Bansal
  • When you come to events like this you see what everyone else is working on- which not only keeps you up to date and in sync but also gives you ideas for what else you should be working on!
    Andrea Muttoni, Sr. Solutions Architect | Tech Evangelist
  • If you’re in the market for B2B Marketers, I think you have to be here, you have to show up, because if you’re not there’s a bit of a question mark on whether you’re serious- and your competition will definitely be here...
    Raja Saggi, Head of Marketing
  • Very well attended and organised event, big well done and thanks to all the team! Bishops Printers took away some great contacts and I would be surprised if we don’t see a significant return off the back of this event. Would recommend to anyone looking for good quality, Business 2 Business leads.
    Jonathan Jones, Sales Manager
    Bishops Printers
  • The exhibitors, the quantity of people, the quality of delegates - it’s amazing they’ve done a killer job...
    Jeremy Waite, CCO
  • As a start up in 2017 we came on board looking to generate high quality leads and we were not disappointed. 2020 will be our 4th year exhibiting at the show and we have watched the event grow, and as a result of the success we see at the show, also increased our own presence into the event… We recommend this show for any B2B businesses that are looking to generate high volume, high quality leads.
    Nazma Qurban, CRO