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B2B Inside Insights

B2B Inside Insights
Understand the dynamics of the market, news around the world and what's happening with the B2B industry.

1. Here Are Some of the Top Reasons why your Small Business is not Generating Sales

There are a tonne of reasons why your sales may not be as strong as they may be. Ultimately, knowing the source of the problem can help you determine if your company is in a rut or whether it is missing out on opportunities.

If you want to ensure that you maximise the potential of your business, having a strong sales plan is essential. At the end of the day, each firm is distinct, therefore you must adapt yours to match both the demands of your company and your business requirements.

If your marketing efforts are bringing in traffic and leads but not necessarily sales, this might be a serious problem. If this is the situation with you, you should be aware that your sales team's talents are most likely not to blame. For your representatives, choosing the ideal consumers to target is a crucial step.

You will quickly see that successful salesmen are formed, not born, if you observe the best ones in the industry. To make sure that everyone is on the same page, training programmes must be created. Additionally, you need to guarantee that individuals have the information and resources necessary to succeed.

The lack of urgency among your clients may be one of the numerous factors causing a decline in sales. Humans are naturally prone to procrastination. If you wish to alter this, you should strive to provide your client a specific deadline. You must endeavour to instil in them a strong feeling of urgency and to persuade them to take action on their desire to purchase.

Top Reasons why your Small Business is not Generating Sales:

1.You do not have a solid sales process

2.You’re not targeting your customers correctly

3.Not providing the right training

4.You’re not giving your team the tools they need

5.Not having a solid timeline


2. Adobe and Microsoft team together to enhance modern workplaces

Adobe, a significant player in software, and Microsoft, a big player in technology, announced their partnership on Wednesday with the goal of enhancing how work is done in modern workplaces.

Adobe said it maintains providing its joint clients with the most cutting-edge working environment, centred on technology that improves cooperation, collaboration, and efficiency, through new developments in business processes and intelligent automation.

Ashley Still, SVP/GM of Digital Media at Adobe, said in a statement: "Through the deeper connections between Adobe and Microsoft that we have announced today, we continue to innovate to elevate today's dynamic and fast developing workforce."

In order to improve the experience of editing, commenting, converting, signing, and working on PDFs without switching between multiple applications, user interfaces, or separate log-ins, Adobe stated it will continue to develop on the Microsoft Teams platform.

The ease of Single Sign-On (SSO) and the personal tab, a home page for collecting all of your latest documents, tools, and collaboration into one view, were recently added to Acrobat for Teams.

Acrobat Sign for Teams also offers these additional capabilities in addition to the ability to sign from a Teams notice. Now you may quickly approve a document without pausing to launch a browser or application.

3. How Businesses Can Get Ready for a Recession in 2022

Companies who learned how to survive recessions and thrive after them have had success in the past. Outbound lead generation strategies are resilient in downturns, according to Only-B2B's analysis, making them a dependable set of resources that B2B decision-makers should concentrate on in the upcoming months.

To create a bear market scenario for the future, senior personnel such as executives, analysts, and other staff members must work together. Make a plan that puts dependable earnings ahead of your regular income since persistence eventually leads to success.

Everyone can hear the tension in the air rising as dark clouds cover the skies due to the recession. According to Google Trends, more people are searching for "how to prepare for recession 2022," suggesting that people are beginning to consider how this may affect their daily life.

The American economy is no baby, though, when it comes to dealing with situations like this. Recessions have affected the U.S. stock market 14% of the time since World War II, according to statistics from the National Bureau of Economic Research.

4. How to use B2B marketing to fight off a recession:

  • Credibility
  • Reliability
  • Affection

5 Ways to Run Your Business During a Recession

1. Pay attention to your market.

2. Establish precise goals.

3. Make your outbound tools more effective.

4. Get your data ready.

5. Make use of outside data partners.

5Draupadi Murmu takes oath as 15th President of India 

On July 25, 2022, President-elect Draupadi Murmu took the oath of office for the nation's highest constitutional position, which was accompanied by a 21-gun salute.


The event took place at 10:15 a.m. in the centre hall of Parliament, and she was sworn in by Chief Justice of India N.V. Ramana. The President then delivered her first address to the nation. Before the ceremony, the outgoing President and the President-elect arrived in Parliament in a ceremonial procession.

President Murmu said in her first speech to the nation from the main chamber of Parliament that her election to the top constitutional position was not just her own accomplishment but also that of every poor person in India because it demonstrated that he could not only dream but also realise those dreams. The first tribal president of India said that she was raised in a remote tribal community where obtaining an elementary education was a pipe dream and that she later became the first person in the community to enrol in college. Murmu's statement that she has now attained the position of President and is happy to be in charge of such a progressive nation is a testament to the resilience of Indian democracy.

President Murmu said it was her good fortune to take office at a time when the nation is commemorating "Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav" to honour the 75th anniversary of its liberation. She noted that she was the first President to be born after Independence.


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