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Case Study: Terberg

Case Study: Terberg

Terberg provided us with a scale drawing of a vehicle model, with the knowledge they wanted to create something special using the vehicle, but unsure of the end product. When discussing ideas with Terberg, the concept of acrylic embedment using a metal etching of the company’s iconic vehicle was proposed by our design team. 

When designs were being created, we had to ensure that the etch matched the exact specification of Terberg’s vehicle. With designs were finalised, PPD etched the vehicle out of a nickel silver sheet. Once etched, it was over to us to align the metal etching with layers of screen printed details and produce a perfect acrylic encapsulation.

Handling the metal brought its own requirements to our team, meaning workspace needed to be adapted. With an initial quote of Q250, upped to Q500 – there was a lot of extremely delicate metal to process. With the worry of oxidation and the nickel tarnishing, each metal etch had to be treated with the utmost delicacy, handled only with gloves and transported in between layers of tissue paper.

As the project was being produced as corporate gifts for prospective clients and staff, Midton was also commissioned to create custom presentation packaging for the product. For this, sleek, satin lined black boxes were produced, with the Terberg logo and branding screen printed on the lid. Investing in the boxes added the finishing touch to the project and ensured the project was easily controlled and delivered without multiple vendors.


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