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17 Sep 2020

Direct Mail in a Digital Age

Direct mail has seen somewhat of a revival in the last few years, following the rise of the digital age where email marketing is king, direct marketers are appreciating that both have a place within their strategy.

Did you know that direct mail is kept on average for 17 days for advertising mail, 38 days for door drops and 45 days for bills and statements?*  This gives you a unique opportunity to make a positive impact across multiple occupants within a household over a prolonged period of time, something that email would struggle to do.

How do you make sure that your direct mail gets noticed?  Let’s face it there’s a lot of white and brown C5 envelopes out there. But the rise of digital print and colour personalisation means that you can be a lot more creative with getting your message across and targeting your recipient, whilst maintaining your postage budget. Colour personalisation on outers, variable images and the use of big data can help liven up the tried and tested and more importantly get it opened.  You’d be surprised this isn’t as budget busting as you might think, by tweaking formats and using biodegradable polylope or wrap, a standard pack can soon be transformed into something beautiful that will get your product or service noticed.

Hints on what to do next

  • Look at existing work and compare against who you are sending it to, does it create the right message?
  • What is the purpose of this piece of direct mail, how can it work harder for you.
  • Simplicity works, don’t over complicate the call to action and make it obvious.
  • Look at your resources, how much data do you have for your customers and how can you link this with images and different artwork.
  • Talk to your existing suppliers, do you know what capabilities they have and how to help you. Or it could be time for a change and look for new ones, at we would love to have a chat.


*Source: Royal Mail Marketresearch, Ethnographic Quant, Trinity McQueen, 2014.


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