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01 Nov 2022

The LSi Concierge Service

The LSi Concierge Service
The LSi Distribution Centre

Post COVID there are multiple ‘pain points’ that our customers repeat over and over again.

We all know how effective Merchandise can be whether it is engaging & welcoming a new employee, saying thank you to a customer, engaging with a prospect by direct mail or at an exhibition being remembered and recalled after the event.

But, often easier said than done...

1. You have no storage

Merchandise can be bulky, for example 252 mugs is 7 large boxes, as just one of hundreds of examples. Those 7 heavy boxes need moving around an office, finding somewhere to live, those 7 boxes could occupy the space of an additional revenue generating desk which is a far better use of the space.

2. Who’s job is it?

Moving boxes about, keeping track of stock, picking/packing, dealing with couriers – for many SME businesses there is no individual responsible for these tasks which means everyone mucks in, which often means after initial enthusiasm it’s another barrier to getting the job done and the initiative fails.

3. Who’s managing stock?

When ‘merch’ is held in a cupboard it so often goes walkies, is used for ‘unplanned’ events, starts to appear where it shouldn’t & control over the initial marketing campaign becomes lost.

4. Employees are working from home

Post Covid so many employees have remained full or part-time working from home, home is rarely suitable for storing marketing materials.

5. No Picking & Packing materials

There are few SME businesses with an on-site post room, with a store of packaging materials, boxes, tapes, filler materials etc. I can feel the pain and the pressure building of the hassle this is causing the marketing department and that’s before we get to the…

6. No courier account…

How many SME businesses that are service driven actually have a courier account? What a pain taking the marketing materials to the post office. You’re busy, it’s raining, parking is a nightmare and have you seen the queue in the post office.

LSi is so much more than just a Merchandise Company, we provide storage, pick/pack, fulfilment and global distribution for a number of our clients,also bespoke web solutions to make online ordering possible, with payment & reporting solutions that meet your needs.

So much more than merchandising, we're about providing marketers the solutions to make things happen.


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